ForaCare Distributor Meter to Demonstrate Free Telehealth Platform on Diabtel.net at EASD
ST. GALLEN, Switzerland, September 12, 2016 / PRNewswire/ — ForaCare Suisse AG today announced that its Italian distributor, Meter Ltd., will present its free telehealth platform that includes ForaCare health monitoring devices as critical components on 13 and 14 September in the ForaCare booth at the European Association for the Study of Obesity.

Representatives from Meter will demonstrate the Diabtel.net platform, a free tool that provides a comprehensive way for both diabetes medical professionals and patients to interact simply and easily.

“ForaCare is proud to feature our partner’s important platform and its centralized use of our health monitoring offerings in our booth at EASD,” said Ty-Minh Tan, CEO of ForaCare Suisse AG. “The diabetes medical experts and patient educators who attend EASD will learn about this free platform and ways they can easily integrate telehealth into their programs.”

Diabtel.net is a free telemonitoring system that provides a platform for self-monitoring tools and features ForaCare’s blood glucose, blood pressure, body temperature and body weight measurement devices as well as uses ForaCare’s Gateway data transmission tool.  The telemonitoring system allows for health monitoring of important health parameters for patients at home or on the go via ForaCare’s iFORA apps for smart phones and other mobile devices. 

Meter will demonstrate the three simple steps for remote monitoring, including: 1) patients share their data via their devices with the Diabtel.net platform; 2) Diabtel.net monitors the patient’s health parameters and 3) when there is a health need, sends alert messages to the patient’s doctor who evaluates the data to determine the best course of action for each patient.

“Meter is pleased to demonstrate our platform with ForaCare to diabetes experts from around the world,” said Nicola Frigione, marketing manager for Meter.

Meter’s platform and ForaCare’s technology has been central in a research study, the ARSAN project, that began in April 2015 and includes 120 insulin-treated patients who are monitored with four measurements per day.  The ARSAN study is aimed at demonstrating the value of remote monitoring services for the management of chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. To learn more, visit this link: https://www.ehtel.eu/references-files/jointdigitalhealthcaresymposium/d1-4b-enable-improved-self-management-and-care/United4Health%20Telehealth%20in%20Practice%20-%20Care%20Delivery%20Models%20from%2014%20Regions%20in%20Europe.pdf

About FORA® devices:
All ForaCare monitoring devices are validated as highly accurate in the industry and provide superior quality directly to consumers. FORA® Blood Glucose Monitors are validated according to ISO 15197 requirements at an internationally renowned diabetes institute in Ulm, Germany.

ForaCare devices comply with new ISO standards and have completed third party validations:

  • FORA® Diamond strips (for the Diamond series) is clinically validated in Czech and Switzerland and is proven to meet the +/- 15% required by the new ISO 15197:2013. 
  • FORA® Comfort pro GD40 (with 5-electrode technology) is clinically validated in Switzerland and is proven to meet the +/- 15% required by the new ISO 15197:2013.
ForaCare provides FDA cleared and CE marked innovative health monitoring devices that provide simple connection to the FORA system. For more information, please visit http://www.foracare.ch/

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