ForaCare Launches Hypertension-Diabesity Campaign in 10 Countries
Focus on Hypertension, Diabetes and Obesity “Reasons to Live Better”
ST. GALLEN, Switzerland, September 12, 2016 / PRNewswire/ — ForaCare Suisse AG located in St. Gallen, Switzerland, is launching a new campaign to focus on the combined and increasingly common triple threat of hypertension, diabetes and obesity around the world.  It will be held in 10 countries (France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Turkey, Czech Republic, Georgia) from September 12-16.


The campaign objectives include raising awareness, engaging customers to share their experiences, and influence others to get and stay healthy. Throughout the campaign, customers will be challenged and entertained using a “Reasons to Live Better” theme. 

In addition to onsite events in various locations https://www.facebook.com/events/286926521682429/
, the campaign will use social media including Facebook. 

“Our focus is on helping people live better,” said Ty Minh Tan, CEO of ForaCare Suisse AG. “By way of this interactive campaigns, we can help people understand the triple threat and take action in their own lives. They decide why they want to live better and our tools help them make it happen.” 

Activities will include:

  • Blood pressure and blood glucose screenings and BMI testing
  • iFORA App Workshop: teaching customers how to use the new telehealth technology
  • A series of fun activities that will help share experiences and raise awareness:
  • Write:  participants will be given a small blackboard on which to finish the given sentence: “One Thing I Like About Living Better is___”.
  • Snap:  After finishing the sentence, participants are asked to take a picture with their sentence.
  • Like:  Participants are encouraged to Like the ForaCare Suisse AG Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ForaCareSuisse/
  • Post:  Participants are encouraged to post their photos with the blackboard to ForaCare Suisse AG’s Facebook page and include this content with their posting:  “Want to win two roundtrip airline tickets?  @ForaCareSuisseAG  #ReasonsToLiveBetter #Hypertension-DiabesityDay
Share:  Participants are encouraged to post their photo to their Facebook Timeline.

About FORA® devices:
All ForaCare monitoring devices are validated as highly accurate in the industry and provide superior quality directly to consumers. FORA® Blood Glucose Monitors are validated according to ISO 15197 requirements at an internationally renowned diabetes institute in Ulm, Germany.

ForaCare devices comply with new ISO standards and have completed third party validations:

  • FORA® Diamond strips (for the Diamond series) is clinically validated in Czech and Switzerland and is proven to meet the +/- 15% required by the new ISO 15197:2013. 
  • FORA® Comfort pro GD40 (with 5-electrode technology) is clinically validated in Switzerland and is proven to meet the +/- 15% required by the new ISO 15197:2013.
ForaCare provides FDA cleared and CE marked innovative health monitoring devices that provide simple connection to the FORA system. For more information, please visit http://www.foracare.ch/

About ForaCare Suisse AG: http://www.foracare.ch


Elena Birrer
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Website: http://www.foracare.ch
Facebook: ForaCare Suisse AG
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