Mission and Vision
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Here at ForaCare Suisse AG, we are committed to designing, developing and marketing health monitoring and TeleHealth solutions and, using cutting-edge technology to bring chronic disease management to a whole new level. With a focus on diabetes and hypertension, we take into account conditions that require intensive long-term care and substantial medical resources. Our primary products and services have been developed using advanced information technology, thereby allowing for the integration of diabetes and hypertension monitoring. As a result, a stronger health care management platform for professionals and patients has been developed. With a strong aim at overcoming the challenges of diabetes and hypertension care, ForaCare takes into account the input of professionals and patients to provide the best possible solutions. ForaCare is committed to improving and prolonging lives through better health monitoring and TeleHealth.

Mission and Vision

Our ultimate vision at ForaCare Suisse AG is to employ innovative technologies and services to expand the scope of total health management platforms and improve the quality of self-homecare for diabetes and hypertension patients.

We are on a mission and we believe that we can achieve a significant improvement of self-care in diabetes and hypertension by 2020.


Founded by Ty-Minh Tan and a group of international investors.

Launched FORA full care as comprehensive solutions for diabetes care and hypertension care.


Certified by LNE/G-MED for CE marking of IVD devices.

Certified by LNE/G-MED for CE marking of MDD devices
Certified by LNE/G-MED for ISO 13485:2003
Received the GOLDEN MORTAR AWARD from Pharmacist Magazine 2010 Drug and Pharmacy Sector in Turkey
2011 Launched premium FORA Diamond blood glucose monitoring systems with mobile connectivity

Introduced FORA TeleHealth System for easy access to health data by patients, family and care providers.

Employed Superior Sip-In (SSI) Technology on all FORA and FORA Diamond glucose strips, an innovative glucose strip technology for faster blood absorption and easier strip handling.

Launched FORA blood pressure monitoring systems validated in accordance with ESH2010

Extended total health management platform by introducing new Female Care products
2012 Marked an important milestone in Total and Complete Mobility (Mobile health for SMBG) by launching iFORA, a diabetes manager app
Introduced FORA Diamond NEXUS non-contact thermometers
Promoted diabetic foot care through relaunch of IR19 for foot temperature monitoring
Received design award in the Czech Republic
2013 Certified by Dekra for compliance in new ISO 15197:2013 accuracy

New breakthroughs in glucose strip technology. Introduced 5-Electrode Technology for highest measuring accuracy and Advanced Superior Sip-In (ASSI) Technology for higher glucose test precision.

Introduced FORA Diamond wireless full care with the launching of Bluetooth-enabled Diamond CUFF BP and ACTIVE plus wireless.