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3) Advanced Universal Tone


4) ASSI Technology

5) Talking-Voice Guided 2.0

6) No Coding Required

7) Advanced GDH-FAD Technology

8) Tiny Sample Volume

9) Fast Result in 5 Seconds

10) Four Reminder Alarms

11) Contrasting Brightness

24) Telehealth System

13) LCD Backlight

12) Pre-Meal/ Post-Meal Mark

15) Strip Feed Light

14) 7- 14- 21- 28- 60- 90- Day Average

17) Safe Strip Ejection

16) Ketone Warning

20) Portability

18) Micro-USB Connectivity

19) 450 Reading Memory

21) USB Rechargeable

22) Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

23) Mobile Health


The smaller the sample size the less

pain as the needle will not have to

penetrate as deeply.

Advanced Superior Sip-In Technology

improves overall test experience and

testing precision, including easier and

quicker blood absorption at any angle.

It is designed to take you through each

step of the blood glucose testing

procedures. Detailed instructions and

results will be read aloud.

It is crucial that the meter provides the

results efficiently as your blood

glucose level could change rapidly.


The GDH-FAD test strips can

eliminate interference from oxygen

variation and non-glucose sugar

such as maltose and galactose.



Diamond series glucose meters

come with advanced built-in coding

technology. Users can now enjoy an easy

and convenient operation experience.

Simply insert the strip and test!

ForaCare’s Universal Tone


blood glucose monitors provide an easy-to-use

alternative that provides accurate blood glucose measurements and information.

This new technology provides benefits for patients and medical professionals

including: taking measurements in low or no light conditions, provides privacy of

testing, assists visually impaired users in hearing their test readings, makes the

user aware of any measurement errors or ketone warnings, provides increased

independence for visually impaired users. The device also puts the patient and the

professional on the same page by using the same language.

When the beep tone is turned on, the device provides user support by marking the

start of each step with a beep. When the Universal Tone


option is turned on, the

device provides guidance for use and outputs results with a series of beeps. Alarms

may also be set that will remind the user to check their blood glucose.

LCD backlight improves the

visibility of the results display on

the glucose meter. Reading your

result is easier.


7 14 21 28


If you are always on the move, you

will be able to recharge your glucose

meter by connecting it to your

computer, laptop, or even using the

additional USB adaptor!

The alarm will remind you to run the

blood glucose test on a regular basis.

The Diamond Series glucose meters

have been carefully designed to offer

a stylish, yet compact design.

You can hold the meter right in the

palm of your hand, offering a secure

yet comfortable testing experience.

With the light indication at the test

strip port, it will you insert the

strip insertion.

It is safer and more hygienic as it

reduces the possibility of

cross-infection as neither you nor

the caregiver will be touching the

test strip after the test.

Ketoacidosis is a serious condition

that could lead to diabetic coma. It is

vital for you to check if your ketone

level is under control and avoid the

possibility of becoming very ill.

Transmit test results instantly through

wireless transmission to computers or

even mobile phones. It eliminates the

need for writing results down manually

into a logbook!

You will be able to download your

blood glucose testing results to your

computers simply by plugging the

USB into the computer’s USB port!

The blood glucose meter collects all

the test readings over the past

several weeks and months. It is able

to calculate your average blood

glucose level during this period.

Gain a better understanding of how your

body reacts before and after meals, and

to further adjust your diabetes

management plans to achieve your goals.

Contrasting brightness will allow you

to read the test results at any time of

the day.

Up to 450 test results can now be

automatically recorded in the

glucose meter which helps you

keep better records and stay on


Connectivity, trend tracking, clear

results on-the-go and social

media sharing should be a part of

your daily life, including your

blood glucose monitoring and

analysis. Connect to


, the

blood glucose tracker, on the

Apple Store


Google Play


Keep consulting with your healthcare

providers even during vocation! Simply

upload your measuring results via your

PC on the “ForaCare Telehealth” cloud

service. The data will be securely

transmitted to your physicians or

family, who can monitor and analyze

the data remotely and give effective

advice promptly!




Universal Tone


is available on all



blood glucose monitors (except for

the meter with the voice function).

Scan the QR code to download the iFORA Diabetes Manager


Diabetes Care