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ForaCare Suisse AG is an established supplier of innovative and secure health care products; we distribute to the international healthcare market and have trusted bonds with varied clients.

ForaCare is committed to improving the quality of life and focuses on continuous improvement and innovation in providing accurate and practical healthcare solutions in diabetes and hypertension care; conditions that require intensive long-term care and substantial medical resources.

We are dedicated in three areas: Diabetes Care, Hypertension Care, TeleHealth Solution.

ForaCare Suisse AG has expertise in providing reliable and consistent diabetes health-care monitoring solutions to the market; to help doctors understand patients better and further assist patients to understand themselves better. We perform every step by implementing such systems, from research and design, engineering and manufacturing to testing and delivery. Through integrating each area with our advanced TeleHealth Solution, we are able to transmit the data into usable health information. Healthcare professionals will be able to employ this information and make informed decisions when managing patient’s health conditions.

We develop advanced technology to bring care closer to the patient.