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Total Patient Management Solution

Bridge the Gap Between Physicians Care and Diabetes Self Management

FORA TeleHealth System offers patients better access to their health data and allows carers to remotely monitor the patient’s health conditions via the internet. The software accurately collects data in digital format and incorporate it into an digital record that can be transmitted securely. Patients, family, care providers and
consultants can easily analyse the health record remotely and respond efficiently.

TeleHealth Gateway


Key Features

  • PC Connectivity
  • Easy to Use: Plug and Transmit
  • Diabetes Information Management System (DIMS)
  • Comprehensive Data in Systematic Management
  • Connection via Internet or Modem
  • Simple, Reliable and Cost Effective



How To Use

Data Transmission through Ethernet

(FORA GW9014A TeleHealth Gateway contains a build-in DHCP Client Service)

1. Prepare your internet router (GW9014A contains build-in DHCP Client Service), and make sure that it can work properly. For the settings of internet router, please refer to your service carrier's owner manual.

2. Open FORA GW9014 Gateway kit and take out the contents.

3. Plug power adapter into a power outlet and power adapter port on the gateway.

4. Connect RS232 interface cable with any RS232 available device to RS232 port on the gateway.

5. Securely insert ethernet cable to internet router and network cable port on the gateway as illustration below.

6. Turn on gateway power. (“O” presents as turn off, “―” presents as turn on)

7. Congratulations! You have completed all the installation. Please check if the PWR LED indicators are lit as the illustration below.

Download Center

  • Download FORA 9014 Owner's Manual Download